Capital Group Eduard Berman Pavel Tio Vladislav Doronin

Documents demonstrate connections between Doronin, Tio and Berman, Solntsevskaya criminal syndicate, Russia’s Federal Protection Service (FSO) and Vladimir Putin’s infamous multi-billion dollar palace on the Black Sea coast

Our project has obtained corporate documents and copies of written communications which demonstrate that Vlad Doronin, Pavel Tio and Eduard Berman have had a close business relationship with nominal owners of Vladimir Putin’s summer palace, officials of the Russian security services and Solntsevskaia criminal syndicate which originated in Russia but now operates across the globe.

At the center of this relationship is a Cypriot company under the name of Farmview Management Limited (FML), which was registered on January 29, 2013 with a registration number HE 318601. That entity was co-owned by 2 physical persons (Ms. Emma Inozemtseva and Mrs. Tatiana Kuznetsova, each with a 25% stake in the company) and by Welsh Alliance Corp., an entity registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and managed by Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation Ltd., a BVI-based provider of offshore services.

Ms. Emma Inozemtseva is a well-known nominal (formal) owner of assets belonging to Maksim Inozemtsev, former Deputy Head of Solnechnogorskii District of the Moscow region.

Mrs. Tatiana Kuznetsova is the wife of Oleg Kuznetsov, a high-ranking officer in the Russian Federal Protection Service (FSO). Ms. Kuznetsova is also very well known as a 50% owner (until July 2015) of Investstroi Ltd. and UK Investstroi Ltd., entities which managed the multi-billion-dollar palace on the Black Sea coast near the Russian resort city of Gelendzhik and owned the land on which the palace was built. Numerous investigations have conclusively proven that the palace has been built for the Russian President Vladimir Putin and is controlled by him. From July 2015 Ms. Kuznetsova has fully owned these two legal entities. Furthermore, Ms. Kuznetsova is a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and a 15% shareholder of ‘Kommercheskii bank ‘Soyuznyi’, a Russian commercial bank. Another Board Member and 9.95% shareholder of the same bank is Mr. Lanfranco Cirillo, who is known as Vladimir Putin’s personal architect and interior designer (Mr. Cirillo’s personal assets have been seized by Italian police and he is presently under investigation).

Excerpt from the Russian State Register of Legal Entities, which shows Tatiana Kuznetsova’s ownership of Putin’s Black Sea palace

Welsh Alliance Corporation had a registration number 1485523 and was registered at Pasea Estate, Road Ton, Tortola (in the office of Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation Ltd.). Welsh Alliance Corporation was owned by Collier Finance Inc. (33.3% ownership) the beneficial owner of which was Vlad Doronin, Savage Commercial Limited (33.3% ownership) the beneficial owner of which was Eduard Berman and Canvey Overseas Limited (33.3% ownership), the beneficial owner of which was Pavel Tio. All three companies were also managed by Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation Ltd.

Farmview Management Ltd., which, as has been described above, was jointly owned by the three Capital Group partners (Doronin, Tio and Berman) and the two physical persons (Inozemtseva and Kuznetsova), was a 99.9% owner of a Russian CJSC (Closed Joint Stock Company) ZAO Teplichnoe. Until January 19, 2016 Pavel Tio personally was the General Director of ZAO Teplichnoe. It appears that ZAO Teplichnoe was involved in residential development projects, such as ‘Khoroshevskii’ residential complex, located at 3-ia Khoroshevskaia Ulitsa 7 in Moscow.

The joint ownership of a Russian real estate firm by Vlad Doronin, Pavel Tio and Eduard Berman and Ms. Kuznetsova, President Vladimir Putin’s trusted nominal owner and a spouse of a high ranking Russian security officer would itself be highly interesting but the story does not end there. We have discovered a letter from Dr. Braxator, an employee of Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation (at the time the company had two employees with this surname – Dr. Irena Braxator and Dr. Helena Braxator Manzione) dated August 13, 2013 and addressed ‘To whom it may concern’. The letter was written on behalf of Llamg Ltd., a BVI company, which at the time owned a 33.5 meter yacht under the name ‘Gerosa’ and had been owned by Pavel Tio. The letter confirms that Llamg Ltd. has invited four people to stay on the yacht for a period of 10 days ‘free of charge’.

Photo of the ‘Gerosa’ yacht, which was owned by Pavel Tio.

Two of the guests were the aforementioned Mr. Oleg Kuznetsov and Mrs. Tatiana Kuznetsova. The other two guests were Mr. Arnold Spivakovszkij and Mrs. Oxana Chentsova.

Mr. Arnold Spivakovszkij was a high ranking member of the Solntsevskaya criminal syndicate and was personally involved in money laundering, racketeering and the drug trade. In 2003 he was arrested in Russia and sentenced to 3 years in prison for his involvement in the famous ‘Cocaine case’. In September 2017 Mr. Spivakovszkij and 10 other members of the Solntsevskaia criminal syndicate were arrested by the Spanish authorities. Having been granted bail for the duration of the investigation Mr. Arnold Spivakovszkij died of heart failure on March 12, 2019. Mrs. Oxana Chentsova was Mr. Spivakovszkij close associate and lover. She was involved in many commercial activities which were used as a legal front by the Solntsevskaya criminal syndicate.

We will be continuing our investigation into the relationship between Doronin, Tio, Berman, the Kuznetsov couple, Ms. Inozemtseva and the Solntsevskaya criminal syndicate.