Capital Group Eduard Berman Pavel Tio Vladislav Doronin

An investigation by ‘Dossier Center’ sheds further light on the ties between Doronin, Tio, Berman and Putin’s closest circle

An investigation by ‘Dossier Center’, a group of Russian opposition journalists, which was released on December 7, 2022, exposed new money laundering schemes used by Vladimir Putin and his entourage. Among the materials presented in the report is an ownership structure of a mega-yacht called ‘The Graceful’, which, as it is convincingly proved, has been built for Vladimir Putin. On the eve of the war with Ukraine, while the entire world was on tenterhooks, the yacht, which until then had been docked at Hamburg, was urgently moved to the Russian port of Kaliningrad despite the fact that construction work on it had still not been fully completed. The boat is presently owned by a Russian joint stock company ‘Argument’, one of the two shareholders of which is Oleg Kuznetsov from the Russian Federal Protection Service, which is responsible for Vladimir Putin’s personal security. Mr. Kuznetsov and his wife also formally own the Russian president’s summer palace in Gelendzhik and were partners of Vlad Doronin, Eduard Berman and Pavel Tio in Farmview Management Limited, as has been described in our investigation. The latest findings of ‘Dossier Center’ provide further evidence of close links between the three Capital Group partners and Vladimir Putin’s most trusted confidants, corroborating the findings of our research.